• 你在使用充电站充电时一般是投币还是刷卡?
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First, consideration of the degree of employment


Some property managers believe that coin operated charging stations are more convenient and do not need to run cards. But really from the point of view of the owner, each charge should be prepared for a coin, not to find a coin to go to the nearby store to change, sometimes to change a coin to buy a few pieces of money, in fact, it is very troublesome, who knows!


Most of the charging stations of the card can return the function of the balance. The charging can be charged according to the minute, and the time can be returned to the Cari, and the coin type can not be realized.


Two. From the point of view of property management


The coin type charging station requires regular coin cleaning and recovery, which increases maintenance cost to a certain extent; and the recovered coins need to be recovered and counted, and there is a cash flow, and the process is long. The card type charging station adopts the form of user pre storage card and has no cash flow. The charging station of Xu Ji electric vehicle can directly inquire the balance of the card and the total amount of the total amount of equipment on the equipment, and can inquire the accumulative recharge amount on the charger. The accounts are clear and the management is easy.


Three. Consider from a security point of view


From the point of view of electric safety, the charging station of the coin type can not realize full self stop and power stop function. The socket has electric power in the countdown time. It is unavoidable that the electric car is overcharged and leakage and so on, while the charge station of the card type has completely avoided the above situation.


From the point of view of theft prevention, there are lots of coins in the coin operated equipment, and the lock is simple and easy to be stolen; there is no property in the swipe card equipment, and it will not be stolen.